Backup and Recovery. A clients’ relief

Posted on by Robert Collar

The need to backup your critical data and files cannot be overstated. (See our section on Backup and Recovery for a more detailed write-up of why backing up is so important). One day you WILL need to recover data from your backups, and provided that the backups have been set up and carried out correctly, then data loss through theft, error, corruption or virus will cause nothing more than a few minutes delay to your day whilst the file or data is recovered.

One of our regular support clients called the TAB Computers support team this afternoon to say that they had deleted all of their December client details from their Excel spreadsheet in error. A potentially very costly mistake and the least case scenario if recovery from backup was not an option would be the time consuming effort to reconstruct what was a very detailed document.

Knowing that our client’s backup was updated every two hours (because TAB Computers set up the original backup for them) we simply restored the backed up spreadsheet from a couple of hours ago within a couple of minutes of the call, much to the relief of the client who could now get on with their day without the stress that the data loss would have caused.

The adage of only backing up what you don’t want to lose holds true again. Give the support team at TAB Computers a call today if you want to find out about data backup strategies and how best to implement them or use the contact form if you would like us to give you a call back

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