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If you’re running a lot of computer workstations it might well be worth looking into implementing a central server. Today’s modern servers offer power saving benefits along with potential increases in productivity across your workforce, providing secure access to shared resources and files.

In addition to server installation, TAB provides full planning and IT support for companies wishing to upgrade from small networks to larger domains. A potentially complex procedure, TAB has the experience and knowledge to make this a hassle-free experience, allowing you to enjoy the many new benefits to your business.

Here’s a top 5 list of the benefits of server-based computing:

1. Management – Administrators can effortlessly deploy, manage and support applications
2. Device Independence – End-users are able to access resources from any number of client devices.
3. Remote Access – Users can access their desktop and applications from literally anywhere.
4. Security – All sensitive data can be kept on the secure servers without it being ‘spread out’ onto less secure desktop and mobile devices.
5. Scalability – New servers and clients can easily be added at any point in time.

So for more information on server installation and support services, please get in touch.

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