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There are quite a few key aspects to look out for when sourcing quality Managed IT Support: What services and benefits to look for and what pitfalls to avoid for fast and effective peace of mind support.

Here are our top 5 tips:

1: Accessibility
When your IT goes wrong, you want it fixing and fixing fast! Generally this involves a phone call and that call should be answered quickly without having to press endless options to speak to an engineer.

Make sure your IT support company provides a range of communication methods, depending on the problem – It might be that you prefer to communicate by email in certain circumstances and you’ll no doubt want that email answering as quickly as possible, not the following day. Likewise, if you decide to leave a voice message, you want a call returning as quickly as possible, not hours later.

If you fill in a contact form or use the ticketing system, then you should be updated by email at every stage so you know that your problem is being dealt with and at what stage of the process you are.

2: Dedicated Account Manager
Avoid IT Support companies that don’t provide a dedicated account manager. Some large IT Support companies tend to use large call centres which deal with large volumes of calls. Working to flow chart systems, they start with obvious questions such as making sure that the problem device is plugged in and turned on and continue through a lengthy and often frustrating process. Eventually, they work their way through the chart and perhaps getting somewhere close to the possible solution.

With a highly experienced engineer, usually one with whom the user is familiar and on first name terms, the problem can be dealt with much more efficiently by asking the right questions. The problem can be fixed much faster with either remote support software or clear plain English instructions over the phone.

3: Proactive IT Support
Your chosen IT Support company should be able to offer you both a pro-active as well as a re-active service at a reasonable premium to the standard IT Support. With the right monitoring in place, your IT company should be able to notify you of an impending problem before it happens, rather than waiting until it has happened.

For example; a phone call from the support company to let you know that your available hard drive space has dropped below 5% will avoid a range of potential problems before they actually occur!

4: IT Sourcing
Can your IT company source hardware on your behalf with a quick turnaround? If for example your Internet and email goes down and the problem identified relates to the router, how quickly can your IT company replace it and get you back up and running again?

Where speed is of the essence and you don’t have the luxury of time to find replacement items a few pounds cheaper, how quickly can your support company get you working again? Don’t source necessarily the cheapest IT Support company, but one with a proven record of fast and effective response times.

5: On-Site Visits
Although the vast majority of problems can be fixed remotely using dedicated software or over the phone, occasionally a visit to your premises is necessary. Check how quickly your support company can get to you in an emergency!

If your entire organisation is unable to work because a server is down, it makes sense to choose a company that is willing and able to reach you within the shortest possible time.
So if you bear these top 5 tips in mind, we feel that you’ll be avoiding the main pitfalls and securing quality IT Support and Computer Services in Derby, Nottingham, Leicester and the East Midlands. For more information, please feel free to get in touch!

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