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Posted on by Ryan Collar

It is said that prevention is better than cure and never has this been truer than in the world of IT maintenance.

Far better to know in advance that a hard drive is about to fail and have the opportunity to do something about it, than to discover too late that is has failed and have to start the time consuming and expensive process of data and software reconstruction on a new drive.

24/7 pro-active monitoring of the hardware on your network can provide amongst other things, the advanced warning of failing or faulty hardware, before the worst happens. But this is not the only benefit of pro-active rather than re-active IT maintenance.

With TAB Computers monitoring your network and receiving email reports 24 hours a day 7 days a week, we can notify you of a range of potential issues that may slow down or adversely affect your business efficiency, or with a bit of advanced warning, save your business money – including:

If our IT support team receive an alert worthy of attention, we will call or email our client to let them know what the issue is. This pro-active approach ensures that your IT systems continue to run as trouble free as possible, before an issue becomes a problem.

For example, notifying a client that a particular PC on the network has only 5% remaining hard drive space, allows the user time to archive or delete unwanted files, or a TAB engineer to swap out the drive for a bigger capacity. Without this advanced warning, at best the PC would slow down and eventually stop and at worst could suffer data loss, which would then be an expensive and time consuming process to rectify. With advanced warning, that expense and time could have been avoided.

For further information please call a member of the TAB Computers team on 01332 929421, click on the contact form or email us on and we would be delighted to call you back

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