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Each month we like to focus on a member or our hard working IT support team. We take a look at one individual who helps to make TAB what it is – a professional, friendly and industry leading IT support company!

This month we say ‘hello’ to none other than company MD, Bob Collar, who you could say is somewhat of an IT Services veteran, having started his career in 1978 when he took O and A levels in Computer Studies on the Commodore PET64! Over the years, his experience progressed through the Spectrum ZX80, ZX81, past the Amstrad (you’re fired!) CPC 464 and into the early 1990′s when he began to build his own PC’s.

According to Bob, modern day IT Support and Computer Services is now so complex that he freely admits he couldn’t possibly know and master every aspect of it. On his own admission, Bob’s strengths lie in the physical and software side of networks, hardware and Operating Systems. However, having carefully chosen the TAB Computers team himself and their roles within the organisation, the full range of skills, knowledge and resources needed to run the company successfully are available to him at all times.

Bob is very much a hands on MD. “I’m as happy up a ladder pulling cables as I am in a boardroom” he insists, and he’s adamant that he’d never ask any member of his team to do something that he was capable of doing himself. Cup of tea anyone?

So, we hope you found this insight into our TAB MD of use. Now you know a little more about what Bob does, why not get in touch to discuss any IT and Computer requirements you may have? Email Bob here!




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