Windows XP support finishing April 2014

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After April 8th 2014, Microsoft will no longer be providing support for Windows XP. Whilst it will continue to work, it will become increasingly vulnerable, as hackers find more and more ways of gaining entry through weaknesses in the code.

Previously, Microsoft would have released a security patch to close any discovered weaknesses, but after April 8th no further patches will be released. As a business, you can’t accept this vulnerability, as it puts your whole business data at risk.

We are emailing all our business customers over the next 3 months to advise that Windows XP is no longer viable as a business operating system and that you will need to change any old XP based PCs over to Windows 7 or 8, ideally before the 8th of April.

Unfortunately there is no upgrade path from Windows XP to Windows 7 or 8. The only option is to carry out a clean install and then to copy back any saved data from the old XP machine to the new Windows 7 / 8. This is fairly labour intensive, so we are rolling out the upgrades in stages over the next 3 months so that we can migrate all our customers before the April deadline.

To recap, there is no compulsion to migrate to Windows 7 or 8, the Windows XP software will not stop working after the 8th April, but the vulnerability to attack will increase each day as hackers seek to exploit weakness in the code, so it will only be a matter of time before any unpatched machines will be hacked after this date.

TAB Computers can provide a new business class PC with Windows 7 Professional Operating System and all data copied from the old Windows XP machine to the new Windows 7 machine at a cost of £470-00 + VAT installed. Or if you wish to keep your existing PC and just upgrade the Operating System software, then a retail edition of Windows 7 can be purchased and installed at a cost of £279 + VAT.

We are informed by Microsoft that Windows 7 (which would be our recommended Operating System based on current customer feedback of Windows 8) is supported until at least 2020, but if you are already a Windows 8 user and prefer to change from XP to Windows 8, then we can provide business class machines with Windows 8 at the same cost of £490-00 + VAT installed.

Please fill in our contact form or call us on local rate 0333 011 5109 if you would like to discuss the issues regarding Windows XP vulnerability or if you wish go ahead and replace your Windows XP machines

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