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Insight Architectural Glazing

Posted on by Richard

TAB Computers have provided IT support and maintenance services to Insight Architectural Glazing for over 2 years now. We invited local companies in to tender for the IT maintenance contract and chose TAB Computers based on their very thorough assessment of our working practices and on the sensible recommendations that they made in their subsequent report.

Everything was implemented within the time frames promised and without disruption. Additional network cabling was run in the offices and workshops; a central server was installed to store our critical data and an internal and external email system was set up which has worked faultlessly for the past 2 years.

These changes have completely changed the way we work, to what is now a well-structured IT system and this has hugely increased our productivity. Our staffing levels have increased significantly in this time, but the new system has grown with it, as the foundations for growth were properly laid from the start.

Any requests for changes that we make are carried out instantly, with an easy to use remote log in system, but if ever we need someone from TAB Computers to be here, they arrive on our doorstep usually within 20 minutes of our call and we can’t ask for more than that.

We always feel that our IT system is in safe hands with Bob and his team and would be happy to recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable and good value for money IT support company

Paul Russell – MD

Insight Architectural Glazing Ltd


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PFD Flooring Testimonal

Posted on by Ryan Collar

Dear Bob,

On behalf of PFD Flooring I would like to comment on the professionalism and dedication of the service we have received from TAB Computers since we switched our Computer Maintenance contract to them , approximately one year ago.

We decided to go for a local company when reviewing the maintenance contract and picked out TAB as a local contractor. Bob came out and provided us with a brief presentation of his company and the service they would provide. Terms were agreed within minutes and whilst there have been staff changes at TAB Computers the level of IT Support has not changed. Like most things these days most issues can be dealt with over a secure web link which we find very beneficial.

We tend to deal with Richard on as regular basis who we find very efficient. Whilst being new to TAB Computers he seems to have settled in very well.

We would have no hesitation in recommending any of your services to our clients, colleagues, in the future. Please feel free to use our office as a reference site for any future enquires.

Kind regards

Michael Shore



pfd flooring

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Windows 8 review

Posted on by Richard

Following the much publicised launch in late October 2012, sales of the new Microsoft Windows 8 Operating System have been steadily rising, with more and more people opting to buy tablets instead of PCs’ or laptops.

Apple have an embedded Operating System iOS for the iPad and Google have used the Android OS for the Nexus and now Microsoft have introduced Windows 8 RT, their first operating system designed for the touch screen tablet market. With Windows 8 RT, what you see is what you get; a stripped down version of the full Windows 8. Additional features must be downloaded from the available apps in the Microsoft Store in much the same way as the iPad requires you to download apps from the Apple Store. Some apps are free, others are commercial and cost a few £s.

The fully installable and configurable version of Windows 8 is designed for installation on a PC or laptop, but still feels as though it needs a touch screen to unlock its potential, rather than a standard mouse and keyboard.

One of the more noticeable features of Windows 8 is the removal of the classic START button that has been a persistent feature in Windows since Windows 95

The start button has always been the first place users go to find applications, documents and other commonly used features, but in Windows 8 this has been replaced with a more interactive home screen much like the iPad, which includes tiles that can be modified and arranged to add a personal touch.

Windows 8 front screen

As with all major changes, the tiles take a little getting used to, but clicking in the top left corner of the screen (or swiping if you have a touch screen) allows the user to get back to the more familiar territory of the desktop.

Windows 8 desktop

Similar to the iPad and iPhone, open programs are not automatically closed with a click of the X in the top right corner. Instead they are minimised and left running, which makes for quick re-opening and retrieval times, but the downside is that each open document or application takes up a few extra system resources and it soon becomes easy to lose track of what has been left open in the system.

As of now, it’s difficult to see what Windows 8 running on a standard desktop / non-touch screen device brings to the party, however on a positive note, there is a big improvement in the speed and stability of the operating system over previous versions of Windows.

Enter the “hybrid” with the likes of the Lenovo Yoga & the Asus Tiachi. These fully loaded ultra books don’t just bring the drinks; they bring the music, the food and the DJ to the party.

Fully kited out with the latest hardware specs, the new ultra book convertibles not only offer a high speed, light weight fully functioning laptop for when only a keyboard will do, but also double up as a tablet for the diehard screen swipers.

Convertible ultra books are the perfect home for Microsoft Windows 8, with a fully loaded Windows 8 operating system and the ability to attach peripherals when necessary, but also the ease and functionality of the touch screen alternative.


The emergence of the hybrid ultrabooks and Windows 8 are indicative of the direction in which the computer industry is heading and the speed that technology and hardware are evolving, it seems that this is just the beginning.

If you need help or advice on any hardware or software issues or just wish to discuss the various Windows 8 options available then please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team by email, – support@tabcomputers.co.uk, by phone – 01332 929421 or by filling in our Contact form Here

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TAB Computers app for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets now available to download

Posted on by Robert Collar

TAB Computers have now made it even easier get in touch whenever you need IT support.

We are pleased to announce the release of our new free app, which can be installed on almost any handheld phone or tablet, including iPhone, iPad, Galaxy Note, HTC and all other Android devices.

Once installed, you can easily email us from your hand-held device, or ring us without having to look for the number. Our aim is to make it easier than ever for you get in touch when you need IT support, wherever you happen to be.

Installing our app couldn’t be simpler.

If you are reading this article on the device that you wish to install the app, including iPad, mobile phone or tablet, simply click on the link below and follow the installation instructions:

TAB Computers download link


Or easier still, if you have a QR scanner installed on your device, simply scan the bar-code below and follow the on-screen installation instructions. There are many free QR code scanners available for download including the highly rated Red Laser from eBay Inc:

TAB Computers QR Code

If you are reading this article on a PC and wish to send the app to your hand-held, then click on the download app link above and send the app to your phone or tablet via email or free SMS

TAB Computers Send App

Whether you are installing the app to an Android or Apple device, the installation process couldn’t be simpler and in the example below, we have included step-by step screen shots for installation to an iPhone

1) Once you have sent the link to your device by email, SMS or scanned the QR code

Select “Install Our App”

TAB Computers - Install our App

2) Tap the arrow as shown below highlighted in red:

TAB Computers - Install Our App

3) Tap “Add to Home Screen”

TAB Computers Add to Home Screen

4) Name the app whatever you like, or simply add an “s” to the end of TAB Computer, then click the blue “Add” button in the top right corner.

TAB Computers Name app

The app is now installed and ready to use

Once it has synchronised with the server, the menu screen will look like this:

TAB Computer app menu screen

You can always get back to the main menu from wherever you are in the app by tapping the button (highlighted above in red )

To send us an email or ring us, tap the Email Us button:

TAB Computers email us

Fill in your name and Telephone number (optional) then tap inside the message box to send us an email which will be received in the support@tabcomputers.co.uk mailbox for a member of our support team to call you back.

Or if you prefer to ring then you can tap the telephone symbol at the top to call our switchboard number 01332 929421

To send our app to someone else to install on their own phone or tablet, share it by tapping on the main menu Share button. If they have a QR scanner app already installed on their phone or tablet then share it via the QR code button, or share it with them by email, free SMS, or social media including Facebook and Twitter:

TAB Computers share app

There’s plenty more features included in the app, including our RSS News Feed, Find Us, About Us and Social media links, all designed to make it as easy as possible for you to get in touch whenever you need IT Support, help or advice and are out and about unable to get to a PC. So please feel free to download and share it with your friends and work colleagues


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Windows 8 release date 26th October 2012

Posted on by admin

Friday 26th October 2012 sees the official launch date of Microsofts’ new Operating System Windows 8.

It promises to be the fastest loading and sleekest OS to date and is intended for use on a variety of platforms including hand-held tablets which Microsoft are hoping will make a dent in the established iPad and Android market.

The emphasis is shifting away from the mouse orientated desktop, to the new touch screen “Metro” interface with the obvious similarities to other hand held tablets, including swiping the screen from right to left to scroll, pinching to resize or zoom and dragging applications down to the bottom of the screen to close them.

Before looking at the handheld tablet market and running a side by side comparison with the iPad in a follow up article, we are first going to look at the options for existing desktop users running Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7.

Upgrading from a previous operating system

It is only possible to upgrade from the current operating system to the equivalent or better version of Windows 8

Those users currently running Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows Vista and Windows XP will be given the option of upgrading to the basic Windows 8 or better.

Users currently running Windows 7 Professional or Windows 7 Ultimate don’t get the option of changing to the basic Windows 8 because of the “equivalent or better” rule. Instead the only option is to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro as a minimum.

Users running Windows 7 Enterprise are limited to upgrading to Windows 8 Enterprise

Users running Windows XP with SP3 can upgrade to Windows 8 but all installed programs and settings will be wiped leaving only personal files intact

Users running Windows Vista with SP1 keep both files and settings after upgrading.

Users upgrading from any version of Windows 7 will keep all personal files, system settings and applications after upgrade to Windows 8.

Minimum hardware specifications to run Windows 8 on a workstation :

32 Bit hardware

1Ghz processor


16GB Hard Drive

64 Bit hardware

1GHz processor


20GB Hard drive


Microsoft have kept the pricing structure and purchasing options of Windows 8 a well-guarded secret to date, but TAB Computers understanding is that users already running Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 will be able to upgrade up to 5 copies of Windows 8 Pro for under £50 apiece from when it is launched on the 26th October 2012 until 31 January 2013.

Retail versions of Windows 8 appear to be around £80-£90 for the basic version and under £120 for the Professional version (necessary if a company has a domain based network)

Microsoft have been very aggressive with the pricing structure, making the decision to upgrade much easier for business and home users alike, as there is now a great deal more competition in the marketplace to threaten their Operating System dominance

In a future articles we will look under the hood of Windows 8 and compare the new features with the current Windows 7 operating system for workstations and as there are currently around 5,500 apps for Windows 8 available for download from the Windows Store at the time of writing, we will run a side by side comparison with the iPad, as it seems that Microsoft are looking seriously at making a big dent in the handheld tablet market too.

If you wish to discuss the options or consider upgrading, please feel free to call us on 0845 643 1335, drop us a line using the contact form, or email us on support@tabcomputers.co.uk and a member of our team would be happy to give you a call back

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Server upgrade to SBS 2011

Posted on by Richard

TAB Computers have recently completed a major IT upgrade at Raygar Architectural & Engineering Supplies in Chester Green, Derby, without disruption or inconvenience to the business.

The staff at TAB Computers have provided IT support to Raygar for the past 10 years and in that time have watched the company grow and modify their working practices to the extent that their old IT infrastructure was starting to slow their business down.

TAB Computers remit from Raygar was to change the old Microsoft SBS 2003 server for the most up to date SBS 2011 server on a full domain, whilst the company remained open to the public and without inconvenience to either Raygar or their customers.

This was achieved over a weekend by a small team of TAB Computers engineers, with the criteria that at 7.30am on the Monday morning, Raygars’ staff would be able to log on to their workstations in the shop, the warehouse, sales and accounts offices and not notice any difference to their previous way of working.

Ipads, Iphones and Android phones should all still be able to log in to the server to send and receive e-mail. Network printers should still work as before, with users desktops and My Documents folders remaining intact. This was all achieved and Raygars’ Managing Director Ray Garlick has provided TAB Computers with very positive feedback about the way the changeover was achieved.

The Microsoft SBS 2011 software provides a raft of new features unavailable in SBS 2003 including Exchange Server 2010 with its enhanced email features and with a new 64 bit HP ML110 G7 server with Xeon processer and 16Gb of RAM, the data processing times and network speeds have significantly increased and are already showing positive benefits for Raygar in terms of time and money savings.

Reports that previously took them 25 minutes to process and print off are now taking 4 minutes. Ray is very switched on to the idea that investment in a new IT infrastructure at this stage of Raygars’ development, will rapidly pay for itself in terms of increased speed and productivity in the longer term.

To discuss an upgrade to your existing network, or the installation of a new network, from a simple peer to peer workgroup to a full domain spanning multiple sites, please give TAB Computers a call and a member of our team would be happy to talk you through the benefits and options, or visit you to carry out an IT audit at your business premises free of charge.

If you would like further details about the IT support that Tab Computers can provide for your business, from simple one off ad-hoc support, to unlimited IT support, then please get in touch with us by either phone or email and a member of our Microsoft qualified staff would be happy to discuss your requirements with you.


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TAB Computers recommend Orb Print & Design for all your printing requirements

Posted on by Robert Collar

TAB Computers are always happy to pass on recommendations of services provided by other suppliers, particularly if we feel that our own customers would benefit from these additional services.

Orb Design and Print based in Kirkby in Ashfield are a local company who take personal customer service and attention to detail to another level and based on our own experience we can’t speak highly enough of the MD Paul Flinton and how he has looked after TAB Computers printing requirements.

Paul has not asked us to write a testimonial, we simply felt that he and his company deserved one, as his personal service and work ethic are all too rare these days and he mirrors how we at TAB Computers try to treat our own customers.

The quality of work from Orb Design and Print has been exceptional and as all companies need letterheads, business cards, compliments slips and other forms of printed media, we just felt that we should let our own clients know that they are out there.

Although price for us was an issue, it wasn’t the overriding factor in making the decision to go with Orb Design and Print. Their prices were very keen but I’m sure that we could have shaved a pound or two off here and there by going with one of the larger national companies to do our stationary, but for us, the issue was quality and personal service and Orb delivered both in abundance.

TAB Computers were introduced to Orb Design and Print when they called us out to a smal network issue with one of their design computers, a MAC that was taking too long to send the job instruction to a big powerhouse of a printer.

It was a relatively simple data cabling job to resolve the issue and get them printing again at the right speed, but it was from this simple network job that we got to know Paul and he is one of life’s truly genuine people, a real nice guy. People like Paul are all too rare these days in business. Someone who you feel that you want to work with and are happy to let other people know that they are around.

So if you have any printing that needs doing, from letterheads, to business cards and compliment slips to mouse mats then give Orb Design and Print a call on 01623 857987 or go onto their website http://www.odpl.co.uk/and fill in their contact request form

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Benefits of a Domain over a Workgroup

Posted on by Robert Collar

Many businesses operate simply but effectively on a workgroup, nominating a workstation on the network as the “server” and using this PC as the central repository for shared files and folders, available to all the other PC’s on the network.

But what makes a server a true server? Increasing the RAM in a nominated PC to 8Gb, installing a fast processor and labelling it as the “server” does not make it a server. What truly differentiates a server from a powerful PC, is the operating system and the functionality that this provides to other users on the network

In a workgroup, no PC is in overall control. Each machine operates in a “peer to peer” environment with no individual PC in charge of the network. If Windows 7 is installed on the nominated server it does a pretty good job of sharing resources with other users on the network and with the built in security features, NTFS file permissions, the access levels to files and folders can be set for individual users and groups, but a dedicated server operating system such as Microsoft Small Business Server 2011 with the built in email server Microsoft Exchange 2010 provides a much greater range of options.

A full domain based server is known as the Primary Domain Controller or PDC and as its name suggests, there is scope for network expansion when necessary by installing a secondary Domain Controller or Backup Domain Controller. The central principle of a PDC is that all aspects of the users and computers on the network including the user rights and security and access permissions, are held in a directory on the server called the “active directory” which although more complex to set up initially, makes managing the network far simpler in the long run than managing a collection of individual PCs.

Both internal and external email becomes centrally managed, shared and backed up for all users, rather than each individual PC collecting their own email from an external source and potentially risking data loss from corruption or breakdown of individual PCs.

Centrally managed email has the added advantage of reducing network traffic and being able to share calendars and inbox with any other user on the network.

Those businesses already using SBS 2011, or the earlier versions SBS 2008 and SBS 2003 are probably unaware of some of the benefits of the hidden features, not enabled by default.

In summary, a workgroup can be effective in a small network environment if the only features required are for users to share the resources of the network from a central “server” running the Windows 7 operating system. Shared resources may include files, programs and the Internet, but for a true server based environment there has to be a dedicated server based operating system such as Small Business Sever 2011 installed with Microsoft Exchange 2010 acting as the internal post office for the email distribution.

At TAB Computers, we have over a decade of experience setting up and maintaining dedicated servers throughout the UK and we are happy to offer advice on improving business workflow, enabling disabled features or simply getting the most from your existing network, whether that be a workgroup or a domain. Give us a call on 0800 321 3427 or fill in the contact form and a member of our team would be delighted to call you back

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New Service !! PC and laptop repairs for home users

Posted on by Robert Collar

TAB Computers are pleased to welcome the newest member of our team – Richard Jones, to grow the home user side of the business, together with providing extra IT support for our existing business clients.

Richard’s experience with Comp TIA and A + certifications provide an ideal complement to our business IT support division, bringing extra hardware maintenance and networking skills to the company.

In addition to the services already provided, including business IT support, network support and IT consulting, TAB Computers will now be offering IT support to home users, including PC and laptop repairs, virus removal, hard drive replacement, RAM upgrades, Operating System installs and repairs.

TAB Computers have opened a new office in South Normanton, Derbyshire for members of the public to bring their PC’s and laptops for repair or upgrade, and we will also be providing a home visit service within 15 miles of the new offices at no extra cost.

TAB Computers offer a free consultation and no fix- no fee service, providing much needed IT help and support to the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire community

Our new office is located in the SNaP Enterprise building at the South Normanton Business Centre, so any business or home user looking for IT help from a local Microsoft qualified IT company is welcome to drop in to our offices at 40 High St, give us a call on 0845 6431335, or send us an email to support@tabcomputers.co,uk for a fast and efficient IT support service.

Our services include:

And much more….

With a free advisory service, a no fix-no fee policy and very reasonable prices; If you have an IT problem that you need us to look at, no matter how large or small, you have nothing to lose by giving us a call or sending us an email and we will be very happy to help with our professional IT support service.

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TAB Computers ProActive IT Maintenance

Posted on by Ryan Collar

It is said that prevention is better than cure and never has this been truer than in the world of IT maintenance.

Far better to know in advance that a hard drive is about to fail and have the opportunity to do something about it, than to discover too late that is has failed and have to start the time consuming and expensive process of data and software reconstruction on a new drive.

24/7 pro-active monitoring of the hardware on your network can provide amongst other things, the advanced warning of failing or faulty hardware, before the worst happens. But this is not the only benefit of pro-active rather than re-active IT maintenance.

With TAB Computers monitoring your network and receiving email reports 24 hours a day 7 days a week, we can notify you of a range of potential issues that may slow down or adversely affect your business efficiency, or with a bit of advanced warning, save your business money – including:

If our IT support team receive an alert worthy of attention, we will call or email our client to let them know what the issue is. This pro-active approach ensures that your IT systems continue to run as trouble free as possible, before an issue becomes a problem.

For example, notifying a client that a particular PC on the network has only 5% remaining hard drive space, allows the user time to archive or delete unwanted files, or a TAB engineer to swap out the drive for a bigger capacity. Without this advanced warning, at best the PC would slow down and eventually stop and at worst could suffer data loss, which would then be an expensive and time consuming process to rectify. With advanced warning, that expense and time could have been avoided.

For further information please call a member of the TAB Computers team on 01332 929421, click on the contact form or email us on support@tabcomputers.co.uk and we would be delighted to call you back

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