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Dear Bob,

We would both like to offer our sincere appreciation, relief and comment on the quality, professionalism and dedication of the service we recently received from TAB Computers.

Last Tuesday 10th Jan I had a discussion with Bob about my daughters laptop. When my daughter switched on her laptop all she got was a blank screen. She had been told by a “Computer Expert” that she needed a new hard drive and that all information on her current hard drive would probably be lost.

On receiving Dawn’s laptop Bob’s knowledge and expertise quickly shone through and he informed me that the problem wasn’t either the hard drive or the RAM and resolved the original problem without my daughter losing any data.

On rebooting Dawn’s laptop, Bob noticed that the PC was running extremely slowly, so he informed me that he was going to carry out some routine maintenance. On completion both the speed and efficiency of the laptop were increased within minutes.

We were both very pleased with the prompt and efficient service received from Bob at TAB Computers, together with his professional advice, which was far better than any that we had received in the past at a fraction of the cost.

We would nave no hesitation in recommending any of your services to our clients, colleagues, visitors and family in the future. Please feel free to use our office as a reference site for any future enquires.

Many thanks

John Challinor

Managing Director

Chester HSE Ltd

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